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I just have to say that Jag Express have just been amazing these past couple of months. We used to use XXX who were so unreliable and useless! It’s so nice to have a decent service and actual communication with friendly people, instead of being ignored and grunted at!

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We have just released our own Online Booking and Tracking site (accessible from the "MY ACCOUNT" button above).

It's quick, convenient and easy to use!

From here you can check on the Proof Of Delivery (POD) status of your shipments.

If you'd like to store your regular delivery address details, book your consignments and collections, produce your own Air Waybills and Customs Proforma or Commercial Invoices online - we'll need to issue you with a user name and password - just call us on 01223 242250 or email us

This system is saving many of our clients HUGE amounts of time and effort - and it helps us to keep our prices competitive!