We’re often surprised with the packaging some of our customers use … so here is the first in a series of blogs with a few points to consider …


Do NOT use the cheap “3 rolls for £” tape often found at places like Staples/Office Depot etc or some online stationers.

It’s a false economy!

This tape hardly sticks to anything, resulting in your package often arriving with the top (or even worse … the bottom!) no longer sealed and the contents visible … or even sometimes missing

Is that what you intended? This is your property/product after all!

We recommend a tape which has cross weave filaments within it – this provides much more strength and security and the adhesive used is much stronger (and this is the one that we use regularly to tape over the cheap tape sometimes used by our customers) so it actually seals the package really well.

Why do we do this?

Because we want the contents of  your package to arrive safely – not many logistics Companies would be so generous!