Environmental Responsibility

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously – and have made (and will continue to make) – all environmentally prudent changes to our business practices to minimise our impact

We recycle almost 100% of our internal paper and cardboard usage, and have reduced the amount of paper we use by over 30% over the past two years (that’s despite the Company being three times bigger than it was then!

We retain as much packaging material as possible for reuse, and we recycle our inkjet and toner cartridges

We regularly make careful and full studies of our vehicle usage. We had hoped to be able to move at least a proportion of our vehicles over to electric during 2019 but regrettably – our profile makes this both economically and practically non viable at present but we anticipate making this move during 2020.

We have – therefore – made the decision to renew our vehicles with smaller, more fuel efficient, vans which produce the lowest environmental impact based on our usage profile. Drivers are issued with hardware and software which allows them to plan the shortest and most fuel efficient routes for them to use. We will continue to monitor the development and viability of new technologies to see if and when they can be incorporated into our business

We work closely with our suppliers, and part of the evaluation process includes a statement on their environmental policy. (We have recently rejected a supplier who offered us excellent shipment rates but had no satisfactory environmental policy in place and simply seemed to be obsessed with offering the lowest prices available)