Dry Ice and Medical Courier

With almost two decades experience, we have become recognised by many Companies (both large and small), hospitals and University departments as experts in handling local, national and global dry ice shipments.

We can not only supply you with the dry ice, or cool (gel) packs and suitable approved packaging where needed, but we can then ship it to virtually anywhere in the world for you.

We offer advice on Customs and current regulatory requirements and can assist in preparing all the necessary documentation – just in case you need it!

We can offer a better level of service than many of the “specialised” medical courier Companies (as we use the same networks), but usually at a fraction of the price AND with a significantly reduced amount of paperwork

Whether you are University or Hospital Department, a business just starting up or well established in shipping dry ice or temperature sensitive materials – we can help to streamline your operation.

What a pleasure to deal with a supplier who not only seems to care about our goods but actually shows an interest in our business … you make us feel as if we are your best customer

Operations Director, Medical Laboratory

For  a quote or more information about our Dry Ice and Medical courier services, please contact us or call 01223 242250

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