Imports into the UK

In a rapidly changing world, the ability to import goods into the UK becomes ever more a day to day occurrence.

Whether you import on a regular basis, or if you’re a first time importer (and it appears daunting at first) … our friendly and efficient import systems can make your life so much easier!

With almost two decades of experience in handling imports, and with Customs agents and delivery partners at virtually every airport in the world – we’re able to offer seamless import services on your behalf!

I just have to say that Jag Express have just been amazing these past couple of months. We used to use XXX who were so unreliable and useless! It’s so nice to have a decent service and actual communication with friendly people, instead of being ignored and grunted at!

Receptionist, Technical R&D Company

For  a quote or more information about our Imports courier services, please contact us or call 01223 242250

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