What makes us different?

Firstly – None of us were ever Couriers!

However – we had all USED Couriers and were generally dissatisfied with they way in which we were treated. We felt there HAD to be a better way .. so we found it and built it! Our MD insists on being involved in the day to day running of the business. That way he gets to know exactly what our customers need.

Secondly – Our commitment to Customer Service

We don’t just pay lip service to this. We do everything possible to make the experience of using us simple, convenient and effective. Our customers actually ENJOY using us! From your first contact with us (and we’re real people, not a Call Centre!) we promise to treat you in the way you deserve to be treated – as the most important part of our business

Thirdly – Our chosen partners

We constantly search out and assess the abilities and performances of an extensive range of local, national and international distribution networks. When we find one who matches our exacting expectations – we negotiate the best deal possible and add them to our database. Many of the biggest names in the industry are already Nominated Suppliers – and those that aren’t are trying to gain a share of our business – they have seen the growing number of customers who like the Jag approach!

Fourthly – Our IT

Rather than use existing software used by most courier companies – we have our own unique package which streamlines the administration and paperwork associated with international and domestic logistics. Less errors – less delays!

Our Clients range from huge multinational Corporations to private individuals (and literally everything in between!)

We’ve even exported expensive Italian wines to the USA for one of the worlds’ leading recording artists .. but we can’t tell you who that is!

No matter how big or small your requirements – we promise to treat you with the same respect, courtesy and helpfulness that we offer to ALL our Clients

Graham Lloyd

Founder & Managing Director

… your software is saving me several minutes on each shipment I send. It may not sound like a lot, but if I’m sending 10 or more in a single day the time saving really mounts up!

Managing Director, Cambridge Company